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Shadow Art

As part of our topic, Healthy Me, we have been thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy through eating a balanced diet and by doing exercise. In Art, we took photos of our shadows in exercise poses and then very carefully cut them out.

We coloured four panels of white paper with oil pastels, taking care not to let any white show through, and then mounted them ourselves on black paper.  Don’t they look fantastic?


Investigating Shadows

Today, Year 3 investigated how a shadow changes throughout the day.  We drew our shadows and carefully measured them at 9:20, 11:10 and 3:10 in the plaza across from the school.

Click on the photo below to see some more of us at work.

Investigating shadows
And here’s a little of what we found out.

Here are two famous shadows.  Can you guess whose they are?



What did you find out about shadows today?