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Our Class Trip to the Zoo

Last week, Year Three went on a class trip to BioParc, Fuengirola to find out a little bit more about the animals which inhabit the rainforest.

Marbella to Bioparc

Fuengirola is a town half an hour away by bus from our school in Marbella and our route took us along the coast – sea views all the way!  BioParc is quite a small zoo compared to lots of others we have been to.  However, it’s amazing how many different species of animals you can see there.  And they all originate in the rainforest!

Here’s a photo of us waiting for the zoo to open.


Our guide, Catalina, showed us around all morning, patiently answering all sorts of questions about the creatures we saw there.  We finished with a show, and two of the boys were delighted to be picked to feed the deer!


After a picnic and a play in the nearby playground, it was time to get back on the bus and head for home.

Here are some more photos of the day.


We loved the cheeky meerkats.

Jason's favourite, the komodo dragon. It eats goats!

Jason’s favourite, the komodo dragon. It eats goats!

A funky gibbon.

A funky gibbon.

Can you count how many sleeping lemurs?

Can you count how many sleeping lemurs?

Picnic in the park.

Picnic in the park.

What was your favourite animal and why?
Animals should not be kept in zoos.  What do you think of this opinion?