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Spelling Apps

The children will be bringing home their first Year 3 spelling homework tomorrow.  They can choose how they learn the words as long as they do enough to earn themselves 10 points.  (Don’t worry: all is explained at the back of their Literacy books!)  There are many apps the children can use to practise.  Two of my favourites are Super Speller and SpellFix.  Super Speller is only a couple of Euros and the latter is free.

super speller

With Super Speller, the children input their list of words as text and also audio.  They can then choose to practise them in a variety of ways, looking for them in a wordsearch, unscrambling the letters to find the word or by typing the word in response to the audio.  My 13 year-old loved using it when she was in Primary!



SpellFix offers a whole range of apps designed around the new KS2 curriculum.  There are around 8 available at the moment, with more in the pipeline.  Alan Peat, who designed the app, plans to release one for each of the KS2 spelling patterns so if you choose to download them, keep an eye out for the new releases.  Highly recommended!