How to Comment

Directions for commenting on our blog:

    1. Just underneath the title of the post, click on ‘Leave a Reply’.
    2. Fill in your name (see Blogging Guidelines – first name only for students, please).
    3. Fill in your email address.  Only the blog administrator (Mrs Ower) will be able to see this.
    4. Write your comment in the box (see How to Write a Good Comment below) and click ‘Submit’.
    5. Your comment WILL NOT be visible until Mrs Ower has approved it.

How to write a GOOD comment.

      1. Begin your comment like a letter starting off with Dear…
      2. Say what you liked about the post, add some relevant information – maybe you have a suggestion to make the writing even better – and/or ask a question.
      3. Check your post for correct punctuation and spelling before you submit it.

3 thoughts on “How to Comment

  1. Suzy

    I am very impressed with the children’s effort.
    All the work looks great.
    Max’s poem is wonderful.

  2. Cristina

    Queridos Gill y alumnitos,
    Quedé maravillada con los trabajos en pasteles que han hecho en la clase de arte.
    Sin duda tienen una fantástica maestra que los ha guiado excelentemente.
    Felicitaciones y abrazos y besos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

  3. Zac Starkie

    Dear Ms Ower
    Thank you for taking me on the Trip to El Tourcal. I really enjoyed the cave and it was much cooler inside. The mountains are made of Limestone which is a sedimentary rock and were saw when water goes into between the cracks in the rock to make it makes the mountains rocky.


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