Digestion, Digestion, Digestion

In Year 3, we have been learning about digestion (what happens to the food we eat).  We did a role play outside in the playground, with 2 of us playing the part of the molars, breaking up the ‘food particle’ while someone else sprayed it with ‘saliva’.

The food then went down the ‘oesophagus’ by peristalsis (pushed by ‘muscles’) into the ‘stomach’ where 2 more children sprayed it with ‘acidic digestive juices’. The food was then churned up (torn apart) by the children, with sweets cunningly disguised as nutrients removed as the ‘food’ journeyed through the ‘small instestine’.  The ‘nutrients’ were later delivered by the ‘blood stream’ (three more children) to the various parts of the body where they were required.  Two of the children played at being the large intestine, sponging up any excess moisture from the ‘food’ before the waste ended its journey in the ‘loo’ (a handily placed bowl).

Next week, we will be designing and making our own working model of the digestive system, so would be grateful for donations of any old tubing, rubber gloves, tights, funnels, clothes pegs or anything else which we could use.

IMG_5470 IMG_5474

IMG_5472 IMG_5478

What did you learn today in our digestion lesson?
What would you still like to find out about the digestive system?

One thought on “Digestion, Digestion, Digestion

  1. Baran

    Thanks to Mrs. Ower , Baran enjoied this topic very very much .
    It was one of those rare classes that she wanted to talk and talk and talk about it.
    So now I am fully aware of how does digestion system works.


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