Investigating Shadows

Today, Year 3 investigated how a shadow changes throughout the day.  We drew our shadows and carefully measured them at 9:20, 11:10 and 3:10 in the plaza across from the school.

Click on the photo below to see some more of us at work.

Investigating shadows
And here’s a little of what we found out.

Here are two famous shadows.  Can you guess whose they are?



What did you find out about shadows today?



7 thoughts on “Investigating Shadows

  1. charlie

    Dear Mrs Ower
    Yesterday I learned a lot at science.Like it’s not the sun that moves it’s the earth that orbits around the sun.As well if the sun is higher the shadow is smaller.
    from Charlie.

    1. zac

      Hi I´m Zac ,

      I will give you a clue on who the second shadow belongs to .
      It belongs to a famous British detective.
      Can you guess who it is?

  2. charlie

    Hi Dysen
    The second shadow is of a boy that never grows up. He can also fly and his name starts with the letter p
    Try to guess it!
    From Charlie.

  3. India and sophie

    Dear Dysen
    We are going to give you a clue about who the other shadow is. He is from a film and he never grows up. Also he has a fairy friend namd Tinkabell.

    Can you guess what it is now?
    from India and Sophie


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