Delicious Descriptions

Easter eggsIn Year 3, we have lots of different plans for our Easter holiday.  One of our classmates will spend it visiting Cambodia with her mum; another is already on her way to Miami to visit family there; many of us will stay in Spain.  However, one thing which we all seem to have in common is that we hope to enjoy some Easter treats like the eggs in the photo!

Write a descriptive sentence with the eggs in the photo as the theme.  Think about describing how they look but think about using your other senses, too!

Yum yum!

3 thoughts on “Delicious Descriptions

  1. Jeannie

    Dear Miss Ower
    I am going to Austria today to ski.I will de going with my Daddy.
    Where are you going for Easter?

    Form Jeannie

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Wow, Jeannie! That sounds like lots of fun. The last time I went skiing in Austria was about 30 years ago when I visited Zillertal. I hope you get lots of snow there.

      I plan to drive up to Valencia with my husband and Ana for a few days.

      Have fun in Austria!
      Mrs Ower

  2. Mrs C's Year 2 Class (UK)

    We’re really looking forward to Easter as well. We hope we also get lots of chocolate eggs to eat. Especially like the ones in your picture that look rainbow coloured. We talked about what the wrapping reminded us of and came up with fireworks, splashes of colourful paint, shaped like leaves and beautiful peacock feathers.

    We hope you all have a fantastic Easter holiday and will blog again soon.

    All the children in Year 2


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