Getting to Grips with Time

Spiral Time

This week, we have been working on telling the time to the nearest minute, using our number bonds to 60 to help us with our ‘minutes to the hour‘ times, and beginning to calculate time intervals.  In Sports, we estimated and then counted how many times we could do a different activity, for example, star jumps.

Two websites with activities which we really liked were Maths Frame and BBC Bitesize.

What’s the time of day you like best?
What have you learned about time this week?
What tips could you give another child to help them with learning to tell the time?

2 thoughts on “Getting to Grips with Time

  1. Mrs Ower Post author

    Hello Class

    My favourite time of day used to be story time with my daughter before bedtime However, now that she’s a teenager, she doesn’t want me to read to her any more! Instead, we often listen to something from the radio together before she goes off to bed.

    What time of day do you like best?
    Mrs Ower

  2. David

    My favourite time is in the scool .
    When Mrs Ower is reading Matilda to us.
    Because we can rest! From evre thing. 🙂


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