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Investigating Shadows

Today, Year 3 investigated how a shadow changes throughout the day.  We drew our shadows and carefully measured them at 9:20, 11:10 and 3:10 in the plaza across from the school.

Click on the photo below to see some more of us at work.

Investigating shadows
And here’s a little of what we found out.

Here are two famous shadows.  Can you guess whose they are?



What did you find out about shadows today?



Delicious Descriptions

Easter eggsIn Year 3, we have lots of different plans for our Easter holiday.  One of our classmates will spend it visiting Cambodia with her mum; another is already on her way to Miami to visit family there; many of us will stay in Spain.  However, one thing which we all seem to have in common is that we hope to enjoy some Easter treats like the eggs in the photo!

Write a descriptive sentence with the eggs in the photo as the theme.  Think about describing how they look but think about using your other senses, too!

Yum yum!

Easter in Spain

On Friday, school will finish for Easter week (Semana Santa), the biggest religious celebration in Spain.  Hundreds of towns and villages throughout Spain will hold elaborate processions throughout the week with marching bands, and people carrying huge thrones (tronos) with religious figures on top.  Many of the people in the processions will have their faces covered.  Traditionally, this means that they are penitents, people who want to make up for doing something they shouldn’t have done.  Women often wear a black mantilla, a beautiful veil made of lace and worn with a comb on the back of the head.

Easter week photos

Photo Credit: Wayne W G via Compfight cc

Woman in black mantilla, Alicante

Woman in black mantilla, Alicante

Penitents carrying trono, Alicante

Penitents carrying trono, Alicante

How is Easter celebrated in your country?
If Easter is not celebrated in your country, tell us about another important festival.


Getting to Grips with Time

Spiral Time

This week, we have been working on telling the time to the nearest minute, using our number bonds to 60 to help us with our ‘minutes to the hour‘ times, and beginning to calculate time intervals.  In Sports, we estimated and then counted how many times we could do a different activity, for example, star jumps.

Two websites with activities which we really liked were Maths Frame and BBC Bitesize.

What’s the time of day you like best?
What have you learned about time this week?
What tips could you give another child to help them with learning to tell the time?

Place Value Fun in the Sun

We have been working on place value in numbers a lot so far this term. This means that we think about the value of each digit in a number.  In the number 465, the 6 is in the tens place so it has a value of 60.  The 4 is in the hundreds place so it has a value of 400.

Today, we took our place value equipment along to our sports lesson at Paco Cantos for a Place Value Race to 100!

We worked together in teams to see who could reach 100 first.  We had to run fast, think fast and think well in order to win, but we realised that there was some luck involved, too!

IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5314 IMG_5315
Did this activity help your understanding of place value? How?
How did you feel about doing maths in the sports lesson?
Are there other maths activities we could do in our sports lessons?

Thank you to Miss Jordan’s class for sharing the idea!