Ancient Egypt in Year 3

In Year 3 this term, we have been learning about Ancient Egypt.  Last week in Assembly, we shared our learning with the whole school.

Click here to see some photos from the day and then read on to find out more!

By Baran

Zac report1

Zac report2

By Zac

Sophie report1

Sophie report2

By Sophie

What do you enjoy most about the assembly?
What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Ancient Egypt?
If an Ancient Egyptian time traveller arrived in our school tomorrow, what would would surprise him/her most?


One thought on “Ancient Egypt in Year 3

  1. Uzala

    Hi Mrs. Ower!
    I learned so much about Ancient Egypt
    and I loved our Assembly!
    My favorite part, in the Assembly, was when while Jason was singing his rap,
    German was DJing, in the Keyboard, with the headphones unpluged!
    How silly!

    from Uzala


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