It’s Book Week at BSM!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we have a whole week of celebrating books at BSM! Thank you, Mrs Griffiths, for making our classroom look so inviting with the cover from one of my favourite books, ‘The Cat in the Hat’ by Dr Seuss.

The Cat in the Hat

We’ve been doing some shared reading with children from the younger years this week.  Nursery paid a visit to us in our classroom and we went to Year 1 to read to them in theirs.  We all agreed that sharing a book is a great way to make new friends and enjoy a good story at the same time!


One of Mrs Ower’s favourite children’s books is called Silverwing and is by Kenneth Oppel.  It’s a really exciting adventure story whose main character is a Silverwing bat.  He gets lost on a long journey and the book is all about how he finds his way back to his family.   Mrs Ower read it to her daughter when she was in Year 3 and they both enjoyed it so much that they read the other two books in the series, too.

What’s your favourite book?  What’s it about?  Why do you like it so much?

Parents & Carers, we’d love to hear about your favourite children’s book, too!

23 thoughts on “It’s Book Week at BSM!

  1. Mrs Griffiths

    To Year 3

    One of my favourite stories when I was younger was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. Its a great adventure story about 4 children who discover another land called Narnia hidden through a door in the back of their wardrobe. They meet witches, talking animals and have battles along the way in their journey. It´s a great story and I really enjoyed it as a child. So, if you like reading and adventures give it a try or ask Mum and Dad to read it to you…you won’t be disappointed!

    Happy reading
    Mrs Griffiths

  2. zac

    The books that I have enjoyed reading the most are the Minecraft Construction Handbook and the Minecraft Redstone Handbook. These are handbooks which enable you to build new creations in the game call Minecraft. I also enjoy reading my book Guinness World Records 2016 and my most impression record is in the section on epic journeys where a black cab taxi drove from London around the world from 2011-2012 and the driver was called Leigh Purnell. I have been in a London taxi and I cannot imagine what it would be like to travel around the world in one of these cars.

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Welcome to our class blog, Zac, and well done for your first comment!

      I love travelling and think it would be amazing to drive right around the world in a London cab. What an adventure! Leigh Purnell must have some fantastic stories to tell!

  3. Dasha

    Dear Mrs Ower
    My favourite book is a Russain book about rabbits.
    I like it because it is interesting and funny.
    Shall I bring it to school to show you?
    Best wished

  4. Sophie

    Dear Teacher and class

    My favourite books are the five find outers and dog because they solve lots of mysteries and always have happy endings.
    My mummy and I read 13 books and we need to read the last two then we are finished.

    Hope we have a good week!
    From Sophie

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Hi Sophie
      I loved those books when I was about your age, too, but I don’t think I read 15 of them! Have you read any other Enid Blyton books? My all-time favourite was the Magic Faraway Tree. I loved the idea of all those different lands at the top of the tree… well, most of them anyway!
      Mrs Ower

  5. Jakob

    Dear Year 3,

    One of my favorite books when I was a child was the book “The brothers lionheart” by Astrid Lindgren that my mom would read for me at bedtime.

    The book follows two brothers Karl and Jonathan that both end up in a magical country called Nangijala where they have to fight evil. Its a very exciting story but a little bit sad and scary at times!

    Astrid Lindgren that wrote the book also wrote the Pippi Longstockings books which some of you might know.

    Have a nice evening!
    Jakob (Sophie’s stepdad)

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Thank you for commenting, Jakob. It’s great to hear other people’s recommendations! I know the Pippi Longstocking books – I loved reading those when I was younger. Great to know there are other good reads by the same author.
      From Mrs Ower

  6. Miss Frost (German's Tutor)

    Hi lovely Year 3

    My favourite books are Harry Potter. I love these books because they are so interesting and they also make me laugh. My favourite character is Ron as he isn’t very smart sometimes but he’s very cute.
    Have you read any Harry Potter books?

    See you soon
    Miss Frost x x x

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Hi Miss Frost
      Thanks for contributing!

      I read all the Harry Potter books with my daughter when she was younger and she also had a couple of them as audio books read by the actor, Stephen Fry. She listened to those so often that she practically knew them by heart! Ana’s favourite character was Hermione Grainger but mine was Hagrid because he was a gentle giant but brave when he needed to be.

      See you tomorrow
      Mrs Ower

  7. Uzala


    I loved Book Week because I met new friends like Alvaro in Year1.
    I also learned how THE TITANIC SANK!
    My favorite book is a Mythological text with lots of Gods like Anubis, the funeral dog, or Zeus, the King of the Greek Gods.


    By Uzala

  8. Niko

    Dear Year 3,
    Thank you for an amazing Book Week!
    The book that I enjoyed most was the one that I brought to school last week. It is the tips book for combat in my favorite game – Minecraft.
    I think it is important to share books, at home we always share and read together with my sister and brother.

    Have a nice week everybody!

  9. Laura

    Dear class

    I loved book week and especialy when we dressed up as are favorite charecter .
    Did you like it aswell?

    From Laura

  10. Charlie

    I loved book week because I learnd how Mark Antony died.
    My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because it’s really funny and it has my …name.
    From Charlie bye.

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Hi Charlie
      I love that book, too. Have you seen the film version? Maybe that’s the film we could watch if we get enough Dojo points for our one and a half hour reward. What do you think?
      From Mrs Ower

  11. Olympia

    Hi class!
    I loved the part during book week, when the author read to us. I loved it specially when she read the book, “Monty and the adventure of the beach”.
    I enjoyed the lovely cute kittens that come out in the story. The one I loved the most was the tubby kittenI I tried to buy the book from the shop in the school reception, but it was already sold out!
    Does anybody know where to find it? I cannot wait to hear from you!
    Thank you!
    Olympia xx

    Gud dy class

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Hi Olympia
      Yes, I loved that one too. I was dying to know what happened once Monty went out onto the surfboard. The books are available on Amazon. Here’s the link in case Mum or Dad would like to buy it.
      From Mrs Ower
      PS If you read it, PLEASE tell me what happens in the end!

  12. Mencia

    Dear all,
    I am Olympia’s mum, and I agree with Miss Frost… I also enjoyed reading Harry Porter. When a close friend recommended it to me, I was not too sure and thought I was not going to enjoy it…. But suprisingly, I laughed and enjoyed reading it immensely! So I bought the following 6 books and read them all!
    My favourite character is Prof. Albus Dumbledore. He is strong, inteligent, powerful and kind.
    I hope you all read Harry Porter some day too! Have a great day tomorrow! 😉
    Mencia x

  13. Guiomar

    Hello Year 3 Class!

    The firs book that really had an impact on me as a child was “The never ending story” from Michael Ende. It was a novel full of drama, adventures, love, and fantastic images. The type of book that lets your imagination fly. I remember crying my heart out when Fujur, the white dragon, almost dies… I never had experienced that feeling before reading a book. From then on, I can say that I’ve been crying many more times with many different stories.

    That is what a good book brings you: joy, sadness, surprise, confussion, etc. Many feelings that awakes your imagination and heart.

    Read more and travel many worlds with books!!!

    See you!


  14. Jack

    Hi class,
    I really loved book week!
    My favorit book is jack and the beanstalk. I like it when jack clims the beanstalk
    From jack☺

  15. Rebecca

    Hi guys, its Jacks mum here!

    When I was at school my favourite book was Matilda! I read it over and over again! I loved it when Matilda scared Mrs Trunchbull, the head teacher.
    I also loved the Enid Blyton books, especially The enchanted forest and The faraway tree, I used to go to the woods and look for magical trees but I never found any.

    Have fun reading!

    From Rebecca


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