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How to become a Super Speller

There are lots of different ways to learn spelling words.  It’s good to try different methods to see which ones best help you learn your spellings for the weekly test and, more importantly, remember them forever!  Here is how one of our classmates practised her spellings this week.Dasha spellings

How do you like to practise your spellings?
If you have a photo of your spelling practice and would like it on the blog, then email me with it and I’ll add it to this post.

Here’s one of our class making his spellings with beans!

Solaeman spelling

New Sports in Year 3

This term we are really excited to have two new sports as part of our weekly programme.   We began cheerleading on Tuesdays and are learning to work together as a team to lift and support each other.

Pom poms ready!

Pom poms ready!



This week’s Cheerleading Team Captain!IMG_5178At Costa Jump, we are raising our heart rate and honing our bouncing skills!

IMG_5184 IMG_5185What do you think of our new sports?
Parents & Carers, when you were at school what was your favourite sport and why?

Austin’s Butterfly

Today, in our art class, we watched a video about a boy called Austin and how, with the help of his classmates, he succeeded in drawing a beautiful and accurate copy of a butterfly.  We were really impressed with how the honest and specific feedback from his classmates had helped him transform quite a basic drawing of a butterfly into something which was quite magnificent.


It wasn’t just the feedback which led to Austin’s progress, however.  We all agreed that it must have taken a lot of perseverence to keep going back to his sketchbook and trying again. (As you can see from the pictures above, he did 6 drafts of the drawing before he was happy with the results.)  We decided to try this same idea with our drawings of Ancient Egyptian figures.  Watch this space for the results!

Year 3’s Adventures in Granada

Year 3 has just been on our very first residential trip, to….


On Thursday 7th January, we returned to school after our Christmas break and boarded the bus with our Adventurebug guide, Matt Butler, bound for the Parque de las Ciencias (science museum) in Granada, which is around 2 hours from our school in Marbella.  Here is the route we took.


IMG_4952After, having our picnic lunch with a famous scientist..

we headed into the museum for our visit.
We were very excited to be visiting the mummies exhibition!

IMG_4960 IMG_4965

There were mummies there from all over the world, including a replica of the Iceman, a natural mummy found in the ice here in Europe, 25 years ago.  However, our main interest were the Egyptian mummies as our new topic this term is all about Ancient Egypt.

We saw a replica of Tutankhamun‘s death mask.


Here are some photos from the rest of our museum visit.


Investigating the Iceman


A real Egyptian mummy!

IMG_4979  IMG_4987

IMG_4988  IMG_4991


This was the actual capsule which brought the trapped Chilean miners to the surface in 2010!

IMG_4981 IMG_5000

After an exciting day of Science, we visited the outskirts of the Alhambra, a moorish palace dating back to the 14th Century and probably what most visitors to Granada come to see…

Photo Credit: zanzibarcordoba via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: zanzibarcordoba via Compfight cc


The next day, we drove to the beautiful Embalse del Cubillas for a morning of fun outdoor activities led by Matt and Baruch from Adventurebug.


Our activities included:

  • archery
  • tree climbing
  • a blindfold game called Minefield
  • the caterpillar walk!












It was a trip of ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts’.  For some of the children, it was the very first time they had spent a night away from their families, slept on the top bunk or seen a real live (well, you know what I mean!) mummy.  Others had never climbed so high or had a sleepover with so many other people.

Mrs Griffiths and I were very proud of you all and know that you are ready for your longer trip in Year 4!

What was the best bit of the trip?

Which of the Adventurebug activities was your favourite and why?

How did you feel when you got back to school again?

Have you ever been on a school residential before?  Please write and tell us about it!