Christmas has come to Year Three

We are getting very excited about Christmas in Year Three!

We tugged at a few heartstrings with our rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ at the Christmas Carol Concert.

_MG_1057 2 _MG_1548 Carol Concert

We wrote about the Nativity from a different point of view.  Here is the story which Ariann and Dasha wrote together.
Can you guess who the narrator of their story is?

Yesterday I carried a woman to Bethlehem.  My back hurt a lot because the woman was pregnant and heavy!

At last we got to Bethlehem!  Unfortunately there was no place to stay!

After we walked all the streets one kind innkeeper let us stay in his stable!  At last I could eat some hay, drink some water and of course take a nap.

When I woke up I thought I heard a baby crying.  And it was a baby!  The woman said its name was Jesus.

The shepherds came in and they brought the cold, snowy air with them.  They kneeled down and prayed for Jesus.

Then three rich men came in and gave presents to the baby.

This story, by Felicity and India, is from a different point of view again.
Who do you think the narrator is this time?

One windy night when I was counting my sheep with the other shepherds suddenly an angel appeared out of nowhere!  We were so scared but the angel said, “Do not be afraid.” Then he told us a baby was to be born in a manger in Bethlehem and it would be called Jesus.

A while later we found the stable underneath a star as the angel had said.  We found him in the manger with Mary laying by him.

A while later everyone was looking at him.

After that everyone left so they could sleep and that was the end of the story.

We have been busy stitching stockings to hang up on Christmas Eve…

IMG_4882 IMG_4884 IMG_4888 IMG_4889IMG_4896

… and have Christmas cards to take home this week.

IMG_4908 IMG_4909

IMG_4924 IMG_4922 IMG_4923

We have also been making 3D snowflakes!
IMG_4921 IMG_4918 IMG_4919

IMG_4935 IMG_4934 IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4932 IMG_4933

Christmas Party tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Christmas has come to Year Three

  1. Arian

    Dear Mrs Ower
    I loved our Christmas fair, And our song All I want for Christmas is you.

    From Arian ❤️❤️❤️

  2. James

    To miss Ower’s

    I loved the Christmas minion that you made with paper and made a stocking on top. I also like the sockings that your class made there fantastic. The most thing I liked out of all was the stars they where awesome. I can’t even do one of those.

    From James


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