Giving Change

This week we are learning how to add and subtract money.  We played the Change Game to practise giving change from £5 and £10.  We talked about how we shouldn’t be confused by £ and p as though the values are different, the maths is the same!  This game is free to access and can be played with or without the timer.  Have a go at home!



2 thoughts on “Giving Change

  1. Jasmine

    Dear Mrs Ower,

    I loved the oil pastels! It was great fun making the pictures and they looked fantastic. Did you like our art?

    From Jazzy

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Dear Jazzy
      I thought your artwork was AMAZING! It was good enough to hang in the Tate Modern, just like Sonia Delaunay’s.
      Mrs Ower


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