Charity Art Exhibition at BSM

Our Art Exhibition on Friday which was held in aid of the Syrian refugees was very well attended and judging by all the ‘Sold’ stickers on our artwork, will have raised a lot of money.  Lots of people complimented us on how amazing our artwork looked.  I think Sonia Delaunay herself would have been impressed!

5 thoughts on “Charity Art Exhibition at BSM

  1. Jeannie

    Dear Mrs Ower,
    I enjoyed the art exhibition and all the drawings were very good !
    It was good that we raised lots of money for the Syrian refugees.
    I would like to do something like this again.
    From Jeannie

  2. Mrs Griffiths

    Dear Year 3

    I would just like to tell you how fantastic you all are and your Artwork on Sonia Delauney is beautiful. I think you should all be very proud that we sold most of your amazing pictures and that the money we raised will really help some of those poor Syrian refugees.
    Well done Year 3

    Mrs Griffiths

  3. jason

    Dear mrs ower
    I loved our art art week was fantastic.
    you are the best teacher ever.

    from jason xxxxxxxx

  4. Sasha

    Dear Year Three
    I love art so much and I was happy when I joined in.
    I want to draw something about Sonia Delaunay.
    Art week was interesting for me and how much do you like art week?

    from Sasha xxxxx

  5. Jack

    Hello friends!
    I really liked your artwork when i saw it at the art exhibition! I hope the refugees use the money to make good homes.

    From Jack 🙂


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