Ukuleles in Year 3

All students at BSM are given the opportunity to learn an instrument, either through the IMP  (Individual Music Programme) or in class through PIP (Primary Instrumental Programme).  In total, we have 2 1/2 hours a week of music tuition.  This year at BSM, we are very excited to be learning to play the ukulele in PIP.  Only a few weeks into the programme and the children are already playing chords together!

Did you know that Taylor Swift plays the ukulele?  Here’s another famous uke player!

Hotel Transylvania still, Dracula playing ukulele photo tumblr_m82syjnecs1rs6k5yo1_500.jpg

What do you enjoy about playing the ukulele?
What other instrument(s) would you like to play?  Why?
Why do you think it’s a good idea to learn to play an instrument?

16 thoughts on “Ukuleles in Year 3

  1. Charlie

    I enjoy playing chords. I would like to play electric gitar. I would like to play a base gitar because it sounds really cool. I think its good because if you want to be in a band you can be in it.

    1. gillower Post author

      Hello Charlie
      I heard from Mr Pattison that you play the guitar very well, so I think that if you want to be in a band, that’s exactly what you will do. When you grow up and are a famous musician, I will say, “I used to be Charlie’s teacher when he was in Year Three!”
      Keep on strumming!
      Mrs Ower

      1. Uzala

        Hi everyone!
        I enjoy playing the ukelele chords like Charlie because it is very fun. I also play twice a week both classic and electric guitar with Mr. Pattison who is a very good teather, and I love it! I think it’s quite important to learn how to play an instrument because when you practise you can make very good melodies that can be exciting and beautiful.
        Bye all!
        By Uzala

      2. Mencia

        Hello everyone!
        I love music! And my father play’s the “bandurria” , which is an instrument that sounds very similar to the ukulele. It would be lots of fun to play it together one day, but the instrument I like the most is the piano… We could organice a Y3 music band! What instrument would you play Mrs. Ower?
        See you tomorrow!
        Olympia xx

        1. Mrs Ower Post author

          Hi Olympia
          I have never heard of the banudrria but I just looked it up on Google and I bet it sounds lovely. Maybe your father could come and play it for us one day. I learned to play piano and clarinet at school but I haven’t played for a long time now, unfortunately.
          See you tomorrow, too!
          Mrs Ower

  2. Max

    Hi everybody,
    I like the Ukulele a little bit, it’s a little Instrument. I prefer bigger Instruments like an electric guitar the sound is a lot better to me, because it is has a stronger tone. Mr Pattison teaches the Drums to me in a lesson and it’s my favourite. I really enjoy his lessons and he’s a nice guy.
    Bye guys,
    love from Max.

  3. Mary

    Dear Mrs Ower,
    I enjoyed playing ukuleles last week because I like the shape of the instrument.It sounds like a guitar and it can be quite loud.I am really excited to be learning new cords.


    Mary x

  4. Arian

    Hi everyone!
    I loved playing the ukulele with Mr Patterson!
    But l wish we played the bass drum.
    But if Charlie says that he likes the electric guitar I don’t care.
    What instrument do you like?
    And have fun playing instruments!

  5. Baran

    Hi friends
    I like to play violin because I think I can be in a band one day like charli & uzala.I like music because I think it is so so fun! I hope this feeling lasts for ever. I was so exited to find out that Talor Swift plays yokulele , cause I like her. What do you think about that ?
    By every body.
    By Baran

  6. Dasha

    Dear Mrs Ower,
    I enjoy playing the ukulele because it is so fun. It sounds pretty. The other comments are interesting too.
    Will we learn to play any more instruments?
    By Dasha

    1. Mrs Ower Post author

      Hello Dasha
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying learning the ukulele but I’m sure you will have the chance to learn other instruments, too!
      See you tomorrow.
      Mrs Ower

  7. German

    Hello, it’s me… l enjoy playing the ukulele because it is very funny. l would like to learn to play an electric guitar because it is cool! l think learning to play an instrument is important because you can play for your Dad and Mum.
    From German.

  8. sophie

    Dear friends

    The music from the ukulele sounds awesome!

    I liked playing the ukulele with the music teacher because I enjoy trying new instruments. I have a guitar at my house but i really want a ukulele because they are smaller and it comes in different colors.

    from sophie

  9. Jack

    Dear everyone,
    I love the ukulele so much!
    I wan’t to lern more information.

    See you tomorrow,

  10. Felicity

    Hi everyone
    I love playing the ukulele too !! I would also like to learn to use my voice as an instrument , because I like to sing .

    Felicity x

  11. Laura

    Dear mis ower
    I didnt know that Taylor could play the ukelele.
    I like to play the ukelele aswel but my favorit instrument
    is piano.

    From Laura


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