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Giving Change

This week we are learning how to add and subtract money.  We played the Change Game to practise giving change from £5 and £10.  We talked about how we shouldn’t be confused by £ and p as though the values are different, the maths is the same!  This game is free to access and can be played with or without the timer.  Have a go at home!



Ukuleles in Year 3

All students at BSM are given the opportunity to learn an instrument, either through the IMP  (Individual Music Programme) or in class through PIP (Primary Instrumental Programme).  In total, we have 2 1/2 hours a week of music tuition.  This year at BSM, we are very excited to be learning to play the ukulele in PIP.  Only a few weeks into the programme and the children are already playing chords together!

Did you know that Taylor Swift plays the ukulele?  Here’s another famous uke player!

Hotel Transylvania still, Dracula playing ukulele photo tumblr_m82syjnecs1rs6k5yo1_500.jpg

What do you enjoy about playing the ukulele?
What other instrument(s) would you like to play?  Why?
Why do you think it’s a good idea to learn to play an instrument?

Report Writing in Year 3

Recently, we received this letter from Mr Tim Ber of Rainforest Development Inc.  He must have heard about our amazing assembly on Rainforests a few weeks ago!

We therefore had to learn how to write a non-chronological report to send back to him.  We read lots of different reports, including Pie Corbett’s excellent one on the Manchester Ridgeback, a variety of dragon, and thought about the sort of language we would need to use, as well as how to organise our writing.

We hope you enjoy reading these examples written by some of our Year Threes. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Year 3 India Literacy Rainforest Swamp Monster Information Text   Year 3 Charlie Literacy Rainforest Swamp Monster Information Text Part 1  Year 3 Charlie Literacy Rainforest Swamp Monster Information Text Part 2

Year 3 Uzala Literacy Rainforest Swamp Monster Information Text  Year 3 Laura Literacy Rainforest Swamp Monster Information Text

Flipped Learning in Year 3

This year in Year 3, we are trialling the use of the flipped classroom, a concept I first learned about from Aaran Sams. Short video tasks are given to be worked through for homework so that classroom time can be used for clearing up misunderstandings and/or extending our learning.

Here is an example of one of our recent flipped learning homework tasks where we were  learning to subtract by counting on.  We use @gareth_metcalfe’s idea of having two videos to choose from: Get Secure or Aim Higher.  Most of us choose to watch Get Secure: others, who feel more confident straight away, choose the Aim Higher version.  Some children choose to do both!

When we bring our homework in on Monday morning, we put our books underneath the appropriate traffic light.  That way, we know we will do the work best suited to us later in the day.

traffic lightsAre you using flipped learning in your classroom?  If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Art Week in Year Three

This summer I went to a fantastic exhibition in London’s Tate Modern, of the work of Sonia Delaunay, a designer and artist, known as ‘the woman who made colour dance’.  As soon as I saw her work, I knew it would be great to share with Year Three during Art Week.  We took one of her paintings as our inspiration and the children produced some fantastic work in oil pastels which will soon be on sale, with all proceeds going to charity, at the BSM art exhibition.  Here are a few examples to whet your appetite!

http://Art Week Oil Pastels in Year Three on PhotoPeach

What do you think of our oil pastels?

What did you enjoy most about Art Week?

What would you like to do better in Art?